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Emmanuel Azuelos

Emmanuel Azuelos

Emmanuel was born in Montreal, QC; his performing debut was on the stages of some Club Med Resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and France for a 3year period ,as an entertainment coordinator. He's performed at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in 1999. He then lived in New York City to persue his acting career until he was admitted at the Vancouver Film School and completed a course in Acting for Film and Television in 2000. Since then, he's performed in numerous roles on various television shows,  such as Smallville, films like Bon Cop Bad Cop, and commercials: Folger's Coffee, Sleemean's Beer, Brault & Martineau, etc...
He also uses his voice talents for Voice-Over Work and virtual web training.
He currently now owns and runs a menswear store in Montreal called "Emmanuel", where he sells his own private label dress shirts, ties and suits. Proudly, he's also the Montreal point-man for Slixer Entertainment.

Mike Fortier

Mike Fortier was born during a  climactic moment in the very first Murder Mystery held in Montreal by none other, then a very embryonic Slixer Ent. He was then sold for profit to a very successful artisanal clip board maker(as seen in most North Vietnamese casting agencies). He was forced to  travel the world at peanut butter sandwich point (mike is very allergic to nuts) and by the age of 7, was diagnosed with Dementia Pugilistica by none other then the world renown Dr. Zo. Fallowing a series of very aggressive and invasive Human Growth Hormone injections and a apparently not needed and near fatal doses (189) of Chemotherapy, Mike was bed ridden 'till the age of 16. His sweet sixteen was celebrated with a basket of gauze and an illegal oversized tube of Polysporin. It is fallowing a diabetic coma that Mike heard the voice of Jesus and Baby Jesus (possibly the voice of Hank Azaria). Not only did these voices ask him to donate the entire fortune his father: Abaptabklar Kwellenrin left him (fallowing a completely unexpected death due to Delirium Tremens), but he also went on a pilgrimage to Israel where he met none other then the biggest Dick in town; Detective Leonard Levy, aka Emanuel "my king" Azie. From that moment on, over training (and acting) and Murder Mysteries have been his bread and butter and (hence his crazed bulimic disposition). With the uncanny ability to turn a 2 minute monologue into a 35 minute explosion of pure processed cheese. Mike also likes bi-monthly facials and weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Phil. Fallowing the death of the Marlboro Man, Mike stopped smoking his coveted Marlboro Menthol lights.  Mike is the first living being on planet earth to receive an artificial nervous system.

Thomas Malone

Thomas Malone is a John Abbott theatre graduate, acting in Montreal for the past 5 years.  He was part of On The Spot Improv until recently going to Mexico after finishing his Bachelors in Communication Studies at Concordia (where he's developed his writing and film making abilities).  Recent theatre credits include Bottom from The montreal Baroque festival show Fairy Queen and The Actor from The Woman in Black with Hudson Productions.

Lucinda Davis

Bio available soon.

Alice Tran

Alice Tran was born in Montreal, Quebec. After obtaining her bachelor in Finance & Marketing from HEC Montreal, she decided to pursue her dreams. She took some acting classes with Ivana Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles. Since then, she's been studying acting with Carter Thor Studio in Montreal. Most recently, Alice played and sang in her show Ménage à Trois, she participated as an actor in the 24-hr play at the Ste-Catherine Theater and she worked as a model at the Marie-Laure Larrieu's fashion show. You can also see her in various commercials and video clips such as Ford, Sport Expert, Reader's Digest etc.

David Sklar

David is an actor/playwright. He is a graduate from Dawson College Professional Theatre Program and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England. He is also set to finish off his B.F.A in theatre from Concordia University. Yes, you’re right, that is a lot of time spent in school. But while skipping class, he has toured with the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet as Hamlet. He has also written, directed, choreographed and acted in the 2008 Mecca Award nominated fringe show This Hour has 88 Years. This summer he will be working in Stratford, ON as an assistant director for the Shakespeare School.

Jacob Thorpe

Jacob Thorpe grew up in Sackville, NB.  He was heavily involved in Live Bait Theatre’s Young Company from the ages of 12-18 (’88 – ’94), appearing in such productions as The Creature Creeps, A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz.  He also appeared in Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors, Blood Relations and The Farmer’s Revolt of 1837 at Tantramar Regional High School.  Jacob was a part of the KTS (King’s Theatrical Society) at King’s College in Halifax from ’94-95, and later was the director/organizer of Fantoche, a Spanish theatre group, at St. Thomas University in Fredericton from 2000-2002. He moved to Montreal in October ’04, and in his time here has had bit parts in a couple of short films, directed Jason Maghanoy’s “There, There” at the MDF (McGill Drama Festival) in 2005 and participated in the Concordia Short Works Festival in 2008.  He now eagerly awaits casting emails from Slixer Entertainment, happily participating in the occasional Murder Mystery evening.

Marianne Smiley

Originally from Montreal, Marianne studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in Manhattan New York. Selected credits include: Laura in Lion in the Streets (Table Dhote Theatre), Sherrie in Prank the Nation (CBC), Love, Marianne (The Passionate Eye).

Karelle Remillard

After graduating from Concordia University in commerce Karelle decided to follow her passion and went to Victoria, BC to study at the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Her exuberant passion, communicative energy, striking voice and dancing skills make her an anwavering artist. She took part in numerous professional productions which include Cabaret, Rent, Into the Woods and many more. Karelle was also a choreographer, dancer and singer of a percussive dance group Karisma. The group performed for events such as the International Montreal Jazz Festival and Les Francofolies. She currently sings with a cover band "Clip". You could check her website @

David Levy

Bio available soon.

Mikaela Davies

Mikaela Davies recently graduated with honors from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program (Dome Theatre) where she won the third year Brian Cloutte Memorial Award; for dedication, generosity and respect for the profession. Graduating top of her class led her to a few solid years of critically acclaimed waitressing and bartending gigs. One day, while resisting the urge to spit in someone's drink Mikaela had the sudden realization that maybe just maybe she could make it on her own. She quit her job on a whim and decided to only dedicate herself to acting directing and singing. She now remains a very poor but happy person.

Caroline Gauthier

Caroline Gauthier began her training as a classical singer and made a leap into acting in 2007. She has been studying acting for film at Carter Thor Studios with Jock MacDonald ever since. Recent theatre credits include A Christmas Carol at the Rialto and How to Become JAYEE in the Montreal Fringe Festival. She can also be seen regularly on stage as a member of the Khorshid Khanoom Dance Troupe. Caroline is delighted to be a part of Slixer Entertainment.

Yanik Ethier

Bio available soon.

Ashley Perreault

Bio available soon.