Mike Fortier was born during a  climactic moment in the very first Murder Mystery held in Montreal by none other, then a very embryonic Slixer Ent. He was then sold for profit to a very successful artisanal clip board maker(as seen in most North Vietnamese casting agencies). He was forced to  travel the world at peanut butter sandwich point (mike is very allergic to nuts) and by the age of 7, was diagnosed with Dementia Pugilistica by none other then the world renown Dr. Zo. Fallowing a series of very aggressive and invasive Human Growth Hormone injections and a apparently not needed and near fatal doses (189) of Chemotherapy, Mike was bed ridden ’till the age of 16. His sweet sixteen was celebrated with a basket of gauze and an illegal oversized tube of Polysporin. It is fallowing a diabetic coma that Mike heard the voice of Jesus and Baby Jesus (possibly the voice of Hank Azaria). Not only did these voices ask him to donate the entire fortune his father: Abaptabklar Kwellenrin left him (fallowing a completely unexpected death due to Delirium Tremens), but he also went on a pilgrimage to Israel where he met none other then the biggest Dick in town; Detective Leonard Levy, aka Emanuel “my king” Azie. From that moment on, over training (and acting) and Murder Mysteries have been his bread and butter and (hence his crazed bulimic disposition). With the uncanny ability to turn a 2 minute monologue into a 35 minute explosion of pure processed cheese. Mike also likes bi-monthly facials and weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Phil. Fallowing the death of the Marlboro Man, Mike stopped smoking his coveted Marlboro Menthol lights.  Mike is the first living being on planet earth to receive an artificial nervous system.