“Thank you to you and your team, the evening was a great success!”

– Talisman – January 2014

“Everyone had a great time at the murder mystery. I don’t think anyone else in the room had been in a murder mystery before so it took awhile for people to catch on. The two actors who played ‘new hires’ were very convincing, it wasn’t until they were killed that the people sitting around them figured out they were actors!”

– Cargill – December 2013

“Thank you – I really liked the show everyone enjoyed the performances. Thanks again!”

– TJX Canada – December 2013

“Yes it was great! Everyone had fun, really enjoyed the entertainment, had a good time and enjoyed the whole experience. Good job!”

– Abbott Labs – December 2013

“We had a great time on Sunday night! I felt that the day-of coordination went really well.  The host called a few days before, and then came and found me to go over the first clue.

All actors were really good but the star of the evening for our group was “Michael Thorpe”.  He did a great job and stayed in character the whole time. He sat at my table and my husband was suspicious of the ‘plant’ from the start as I didn’t seem to know much about him as a motivational speaker.

The murder mystery was well received by the group and we had a lot of fun.”

– Sherwood Park Mall – December 2013

“Everything went well and I had lots of positive feedback from everyone.  They all had a great time at the murder mystery and our people really enjoyed the show.  Please thank your team for me.  They did a great job.”

– Everlink – December 2013


“Thanks Chris for a great night of entertainment!!  Our staff had a great time.  I apologize for the set up we had at our venue…I didn’t realize the room they had for the green room was not inside our building.  Of course, it has to be the night that we have the -50 windchills as well!!  I really appreciate the actors working with us on that…they were good sports for sure!

Thanks to Stuart for keeping the evening running along smoothly even with all the problems with the weather and venue!

Take care”

– Midway Distributors Ltd. – December 2013


“Marshall Tittemore Architects was really happy with the Murder Mystery you provided at Teatro’s, everyone had a really good time.  Thank you for emailing me the “Red Herrings” that you handed out during the show, they are hilarious.  We posted them around the office.

Thank-you for the wonderful evening”

– Marshall Tittemore Architects – December 2013


“On behalf of everyone here at Sabre Industrial Supplies, I would love to thank you and your team for giving us such a wonderfully fun evening!!  Everyone has expressed to me that they had a great time and that we would all love to do something like this in the future, again.  We have done a few Vancouver Cruise dinners in the past, but your boat and it’s crew were, by far, the best we have ever had!!  The food was delicious (Especially that curried pasta!), the service was fast, and having TV’s on the boat, playing the game, was a big highlight.

The actors were so great!  Playing off of all of us nicely and they really enthusiastic!  Everyone believed that we actually hired two new staff members!  And your actors didn’t break character at all!  They were so funny and creative with how they worked our personal details into their script!  Even the two children that were with us that evening got right into it and had a lot of fun trying to blame me for being the murderer!  Haha.

Overall, it was a great experience that everyone participated in and had lots of fun!  I would highly recommend you to anyone else I know that are looking for a way to entertain their staff.  It was nearly perfect!

Thank you so much for putting together a great time for us!”

– Sabre Industrial Supplies – December 2013


“All of the feedback from employees this morning was great!  Everyone enjoyed themselves and thought the entertainment was awesome!”

– Schulte Industries – December 2013


“Dear Slixer Entertainment, On behalf of the Ripple Connection Support Centre in Barrhead, Alberta, we extend our thanks for the awesome Murder Mystery you put on for us Nov 16th, 2013. All of our guests enjoyed every minute of the entertainment and the feedback has been very positive. We would like to thank all the actors for a job well done!”

– The Ripple Connection Support Centre – November 2013


“Everyone had a really great time 🙂 They said it was dynamic, unexpected and “flyé”. Thanks so much to you and your team for coordinating everything so well and a really fun appreciated evening. I recommended you to my Canadian counterparts across all our locations :-)”

– Accenture – October 2013


“Thank you to you and your team for the fun afternoon on the 20th.  It was a good time!  It got a lot of the staff’s creative juices flowing and created some great competition.

The event went very well and the staff really got involved and enjoyed it.  The actors were all very professional and courteous of our time, as well as that of the boat staff.

Thanks again – we’ll be sure to think of Slixer again in the future.”

– Symcor – October 2013


“Thanks you so much for the great evening, our members really enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun with the actors and It was a great time!”

– The Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists – June 2013


“We’ve pretty much spent the morning talking about what  a great time everyone had!  What an enjoyable time Slixer provided, lots of laughs and interesting surprises.   Everything worked!

Thank you from all of us.  We look forward to working with you again.”

– Oxford Properties – March 2013


“We had a great time – thanks so much for a great party! Everyone loved the food and venue – everything seemed really well planned and executed.”

– Plenty Of Fish – March 2013


“Thank you,  the group certainly enjoyed the evening:-)   I appreciate how well your group played along with our company “clowns”, especially your detective.  I had no idea what to expect from this group since this is the first time we actually bring them together.”

– National Concrete Accessories – February 2013


“Thanks to each of your group – everyone had a GREAT time, the location, food was excellent, and your Murder Mystery fit so well with our group.”

– Alberta Newsprint – February 2013


“Everything was very well done and the guests really enjoyed the show!  No one was aware of the murder mystery which made it even more enjoyable.  The actors kept everything moving very nicely.”

– 40th Birthday Girls Husband – February 2013


“We all thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment provided! Your team did a great job at really making it a mystery.  Thank you again, and we will certainly keep Slixer in mind for future events.”

– Revlon – January 2013


“We had such a great time last night, please thank all the actors for us!  As we have events throughout the year, we will keep your name on file for our future entertainment needs.”

– Beachcomber Hot Tubs – January 2013


“This was the first time we scheduled something of this nature for an “offsite get together” and I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was a huge success!

The venue, food and coordination were a perfect match for what we were looking for, and your actors ensured the night was humorous and entertaining.”

– PetSmart – January 2013


“The show was great and the venue as well. My group had a fantastic time and your team did a great job of mixing with us and entertaining us throughout the evening. Dinner was delicious.

Thank you very much for pulling off an excellent evening!”

– PumpWELL – January 2013


“Thanks to all the crew for a wonderful show today.  We all had a great time”

– Totten Insurance – December 2012


“We were in a panic about what to do for our holiday party. Everything seemed lame or way out of budget. Then I came across Slixer Entertainment. They guided me through the whole process from the planning to the end of the event, customizing everything to ensure that the whole scene was personal to the company. They were professional, funny, and had good improv skills to be able to roll with the unexpected. We all had a fantastic time and I would recommend them to anyone!”

– DotNetNuke – December 2012


“Thank you very much Chris!

“We all had a fantastic time…the show and the actors were great!!  Ceili’s staff were good too!

Thanks again!  Hopefully we can do another party with you in the not too distant future.”

– Shanahan’s – December 2012


“It was great fun. Thanks for everything.”

– Tiffany’s – December 2012


“Thank you so much for assisting me in organizing and for the great entertainment on Friday.  It was exactly how I was expecting it to turn out.  I think it helped getting people to mix and mingle with people they don’t normally mix and mingle with in the office being that so many people are new to the company.  I have and will continue to pass your name around.  I rely on word-of-mouth very much when planning events.  I am not sure whether the venue worked for the actors but the majority of the attendees thought the combination of the log-cabin and the murder mystery went well together. Great ambience.  Also everyone really enjoyed the delicious home cooked food by the Polish Veterans Club.”

– CIMA – November 2012


“I just wanted to let you that we had an excellent evening last night, everybody appreciated the performance”

“Je voulais juste vous laissez que nous avons eu une excellente soirée hier soir, tout le monde a apprécié la performance”

– GATTEFOSSÉ – November 2012


“All done.  Amazing Cast and very good acting.  We really enjoyed it very very much!”

– Novartis – November 2012


“We had a great time at the murder mystery!  We had a lot of laughs which was the purpose and the actors did a great job.”

– Tenold – November 2012


“I just wanted to thank you from all of us on Friday for an absolutely fantastic time.  Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed themselves immensely.  Please extend our thanks to the actors for the entertainment.”

– Grant Thornton – October 2012


“Just wanted to thank you and your group Chris for a fantastic event!

We’ve had nothing but praise for the show. People are dropping by this morning to talk to me about it (can’t get any work done!).

It’s the first time I can remember that people stayed for the entire event rather than leaving right after eating. We thanked the actors personally as well before they left.

It’s been a pleasure working with you Chris, and I thank you for your patience with me throughout!”

– Great West Life – October 2012


“Thank you again. The murder mystery was a lot of fun and it was very well done!”

– Alberta Government – October 2012


“I have been getting feed back from the office this morning about Friday and I’m happy to tell you that everyone I have heard from so far really enjoyed themselves.  Your actors really did their part to involve everyone and make sure everyone was having a great time.  Your staff is really witty and there were lots of laughs to be had.  We really needed to do something different this year and the Murder Mystery Dinner was just the ticket!  The Old Mill Restaurant is very lovely.  It was the first time there for many of our firm.

I do wish you to know that your staff was so obliging.  They were happy and helpful and truly did their best to make sure we all enjoyed ourselves.  Please extend our thanks to everyone at Slixer for their efforts to ensure we all enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you so much as well Chris for all the help and advice you extended me in arranging this event for our firm and making my job all that more pleasant!  We at SBMB LAW wish you and your staff and actors all the best in the future as well!”

– SBMB Law – September 2012


“Thank you to you and to the actors for adding to the “fun” aspect of our day.

The gentleman who played the “detective” and the gentleman who played the “waiter” were fantastic!!!  So funny and entertaining.   As well, please say thank you to the lady who played our hostess, she did a great job.”

– Dufferin Construction – September 2012


“The performance was very animated, well received and entertaining.  The performers did a great job relative to the layout and acoustics of the room.  At some points the actors were tough to decipher from the staff – good job! Thanks again, it was really great working with you guys!”

– Clark Wilson LLP – July 2012


“All was great.  We had a great time!”

– McGill University – June 2012


“It went really well! Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time.”

– Tervita – June 2012


“That was by far the easiest, funnest event I have ever planned. It was so great that you took care of the entire coordination and we truly just got to show up. The venue you chose for us, Anthony’s, well the food was awesome, their service was outstanding and the room with the view was absolutely fabulous. As for the show, our team had a blast. I don’t think in all of the events we have had over the years we have had them that entertained and engaged. I received multiple compliments for the party and I truly owe you a big THANK YOU for your service. Your team was well put together, professional and over the top organized with their facts. I was extremely impressed with the research they did outside of what I provided. Thank you so much, we will definitely use you guys in the future.”

– Zee Medical – May 2012


“Never stopped laughing since the moment it started! It was fun watching the show”

– Varsity Community Association – May 2012


“It was good fun and everyone did a great job!”

– PHSA – March 2012


“It was really good. Everyone really enjoyed it and the actors did a fantastic job!”

– Transcontinental Printing – January 2012


“The venue was perfect and your group of actors did a wonderful job – energetic, entertaining and also very humorous! You put the insider information to very clever use and our staff really enjoyed the show! The actor who played the detective was particularly funny. If I was ever asked whether or not to recommend your troupe I would recommend them for sure.”

– DM Contacts – December 2011


“Thanks to you, everyone had a great time”

– Frontier Power – December 2011


“The actors had a great time with are group, we have nothing but good things to say about the event”

– Neverblue – December 2011


“Everyone had a great time, young and old and it certainly provided a means for people who don’t associate much during the year to be at the same table to talk to one another. About our suggested venue] The food was very good and the cheese cake to die for. The wine was also good. I rarely drink but I did have a glass of white wine and it was good, I’m pretty picky.

All in all an excellent experience!”

– Axis Technical Services – December 2011


“Our group enjoyed the mystery, everyone had a great time!”

– Barrick Gold Corporation – December 2011


“Please pass on our fondest thanks to Rebecca and all the actors who put on a fantastic show for our Christmas Party in the Terminal City Club. The actors were so talented and convincing in their roles.

I have been told today by many of the guests that it was the most enjoyable Christmas party they have ever been at. I would be happy to recommend  your entertainment company to our business colleagues and we will certainly keep you in mind for a future marketing event.

Happy Holidays to you and all your team.”

– PPI Solutions – December 2011


“It was a fun evening and I got much positive feedback from our staff. We thought the actors did a great job. They included people and I think personalizing it added to the fun. The price seems fair for the number of actors, food and prep involved. The venue was very suitable (better than paying more for a fancier place, since the show is the highlight of the evening).”

– Office Essentials – December 2011


“The actors were awesome – they played their roles well. As the scenario unfolded the actors became more comfortable with their positions and our staff, which allowed them to involve us all in the plot. The interactive setting was welcome and it encouraged our staff to get involved and participate.

On behalf of the staff of Wade Engineering I would like to thank you for the wonderful evening of mystery, mayhem, suspense and laughter. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show.”

– Wade Engineering – December 2011


“What an excellent show!!!  Thank you so very much & I will definitely be giving out the name of Slixer Entertainment.”

– Navigators Insurance – December 2011


“Thank you so much for helping with our Christmas party. It was a huge success. The actors were all very professional and a lot of fun to be around.”

– Mulvey + Banani – December 2011


Thanks to you and your team for a wonderful event. We enjoyed the Murder Mystery evening very much.

– Forbes Travel – November 2011


Thank you for a great performance. Our guests really enjoyed the night and raved about it, keep up the good work!

– 4l Communications – November 2011


“We loved the show! Everyone did a great job. The night flew by and we very much enjoyed the fun. Thanks again for making this night special.”

-Tenge’s 50th Birthday at Seasons in the Park – October 2011


“I have nothing but nice things to say about your group!  Our team laughed more than I have ever seen them laugh before:-)”

– Diageo Mystery Dinner – September 2011


“It was a great experience at both locations [Toronto / Edmonton]. The food and location were excellent at both places [Solstice Restaurant, Mississauga / Le Creperie, Edmonton]. The interaction with the company business and props was very entertaining. I will have no problem recommending you.”

– SimplexGrinnell – August 2011


“Everyone was great and all had a super fun time with it.  I believe many were fooled thinking that Mike’s cousin, Brian was committing all the murders and we had a tough time convincing everyone even after it was over that Brian really was Mike’s cousin! While all actors were great, I had particular fun with the lady who played Chelsi.  She sat at our table for a while after not wanting to sit at the table full of “murderers and thieves”.   She was really funny and played right along with us perfectly. Thanks again for everything.  Mike said it was the best birthday party he’s ever had!”
– Jenn Dosenbach – August 2011


“Thanks so much for all your hard work…nothing but positive things about the evening.”

– HB Group – July 2011


Thanks very much for following up on the event.

Everything was fantastic! Definitely out of the ordinary for how a group of accountants typically spend their Wednesday night, but the feedback I’ve received was all positive.

Food was great [Centini], the show was entertaining and humorous and it was a great venue. I think the best part for everyone was the submission of “whodunnit” and then having it read back to the group. Pretty funny!

I will definitely think of you when coordinating future events.

– Enbridge Group – June 2011


We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the successful murder mystery! Thank you for being so accommodating with the change in time and always quickly answering my emails.   We used this as a Team Building Activity for our team and everyone really got into it and enjoyed it. Your staff really got our group going.  I think if we hadn’t put the papers on the table saying it was a murder mystery the 2 planted actors would have blended in very well as sales reps!  They got attacked by our team right away : )  Your staff was amazing.

Thank you for a successful Team Building Activity!

– Bristol-Myers Squibb – June 2011


We had a great time and the actors were great! Food was excellent and a great location and room for the event. I will certainly keep your company in mind next time.

– Bosch Hydraulic Connections – 2011


We enjoyed the event; most guests had never participated in a murder mystery before and you really made it fun.  It tied in very will with the teambuilding theme of our day

-McMaster University  – 2011


I was going to email you and let you know that the show was absolutely amazing!  The host and the actors were all great!  It was so well organized!  The venue was perfect for the show!  I have had so many comments about people wanting to do some sort of show for any function that they have, and I will definitely pass on Slixer’s name!

– Cardiovascular Institute – 2011


It was a great night!  Thanks to you and your actors for everything!

-Masonry Contractors Association – 2011


We really enjoyed the show last night – I did not receive a single negative comment for show, actors, venue or food.   Everyone participated and really enjoyed themselves.

My only regret from last night was that the actors slipped away before I had the social graces to invite them for a drink! Please pass on our thanks for a very fun evening.

– Invera-

Lesley had a really good time – all positive feelings, if she had a down moment it was thinking about our friends who got sick or had childcare fall through at the last minute that would have absolutely loved it.
All the actors were great. Steve and Jeff did a great job of connecting with people and running the room.
Everyone was impressed how much it came together on a tight schedule. Will definitely recommend you guys and keep you in mind for future functions

-Bill Burton (Surprise Birthday Party for his wife) –


Everyone had fun.  It was a first for lots of our employees but they all thought it was cool.  I will keep you info on file in case we have another Christmas party and are looking for entertainment.

Thank you, have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



We had a really great time and everyone enjoyed themselves.  The story line was performed well by all the actors, we literally “killed the competition”! Thanks!

-BFL Insurance Services Inc –


The show was appreciated by all.  I think overall people had fun!

Your animator, Emmanuel (detective) led the evening superbly and did a good job in engaging the people.

Sandra was very credible — no one had a clue that she was part of the show … it was perfect how she came out at the end  (the singing of “silent night” .. this part was hilarious). The story line regarding our competition (MDA etc..) that part was also very very good!!

Overall, a very positive review from L-3 Communications MAPPS, Inc.!! Congratulations on a job well done.

-L-3 Communications MAPPS, Inc –


Sorry for the delay in responding to you…We wanted to send a big Thank you out to all of you for the great job you all did on our Murder Mystery Event..

-Aliments Ed Foods-


We had a wonderful evening we enjoyed the actors they were all very good, the inspector was outstanding he made our evening. Thank all of them for us. The venue was wonderful and having the second floor to ourselves was very nice.

Thanks again Elsa your crew did a wonderful job Merry Christmas to all of you.

-Anderson Air-


The show and actors were absolutely fantastic. They let me know what was going on, and they were very easy to deal with. When “Chelsi” started choking, my boyfriend actually thought that he was going to have to do the Heimlich for her!

Overall, it was great. Our guests had a lot of fun.

-Universal Surveys Group-

Overall, the Murder Mystery was fun, I am glad we found your services on the internet.

I will recommend you to anyone else that may be looking to do a Murder Mystery in the future.

-ATCO Midstream-


I wanted to thank you very much for offering such wonderful service and entertainment.  Our team had a fabulous time and really became involved in the event.

Your actors were a lot of fun and truly made our event an unforgettable one that will be tough to top.

We are very interested in what else Slixer can offer as team building events and will definitely be looking at your website for other event possibilities.

Thanks again and happy holidays!



The actors were great and the audience were all extremely entertained. Thank-you for putting together a great script even when I took a little long to reply to requests. Organization from my end was seamless, I was surprised how little I had to do when the actors arrived.


We had an awesome evening…the actors were excellent, and the venue was perfect for our group! I would definitely recommend Slixer for future events. Thanks again for all your guys’ work!


-Qualico Developments (VCR) Inc.-

The event was great!! The guest had an awesome time! I’m so glad it all worked out!

Thanks again for all your help!

-Dominique’s Bachelorette party-


Everything went great and everyone had a great time. The food was excellent as well

-SAE International-


We thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The actors were perfect! Our folks really enjoyed the interaction during the murder mystery dinner and after it was over.

The staff at Suncadia made a good partnership with Slixer and I would recommend it to others.

We will be using your service again.



The evening seemed to go well.  Your actors were good and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  They were very enthusiastic!



The event went off very well.  I think the venue worked out well as there was room to wander around and to visit the props table.  The actors were very gracious and professional.

The guests had a great time and there was much laughter.

-Tantus Solution Group-


Great humour, great acting, great on-the-spot improv, great working with us, professional and terrific entertainment all around

-Surprise Birthday Party – –


The entertainment was excellent.

I thought it was a tongue-in-cheek thing, but it turned out to be a serious acting troupe.  Well done!

Everyone had a great time and I wouldn’t have changed anything including the untimely murder of Chelsi Darling, my newly-hired HR Assistant Everything was awesome and great job to everybody!

-Nuna Winter Festival –

Thank you again for everything.  The show was great!  Everyone said they had a great time. The actors were great.  “Chelsi & Michael” were awesome and resumed their roles as our employees perfectly.  It wasn’t until the show started that people even started to clue into the fact that they were actors as part of the show.

The “serving staff” actors, at the end of the show when they were revealed – everyone seemed stunned.  Even one of the managers who knew how it was going to play out a bit, argued with me that they were nothing more than catering staff and not part of the show.  We laughed about it this morning.

John and the detective were great.  John had our DJ working with him and had lots of really cool musical elements involved that I didn’t expect during the show – was great.
Overall we all had a great time – thank you again!

-Shippers Supply –


Everyone had a great time. The plot was excellent, and the final ending as to who did it shocked a lot of people.

Thanks you so much for putting on this on for us.

The Venue was awesome. I definitely would go back there again. It was nice to have the private room and the food was delicious and the both the staff @ Von’s and the actors were awesome.

-At Films-


Your group did a great job!!  Everyone at our company event had a great time.  It was funny and all around entertaining.  People loved it that you guys picked on certain people and had some funny quips to say about them.   Thanks again for everything.  I’ve already mentioned you guys to some other people I know in case they want to hire you guys.

-NCI Secured Intelligence-


Thank you so much for Saturday night.  We all had a great time.  I have heard nothing but favourable comments about the evening.  The actors were very professional, and very well organized.  I was so pleased with everything.  I was only sorry that Joshua did not come back in to see me before they left so I could thank him again.  Please convey my thanks to all of the actors.

We were very happy with all aspects of the production and we will certainly contact you again next year about a different type of event (perhaps something like Tina and Tony’s wedding or similar if you do this type of thing).

Thanks again to everyone for a great time!

-Everest Clinic Research Service Inc.-


Last night went very well – everyone had a great time and it was an extremely enjoyable evening.  I’m so glad it worked out well for everyone.  All our guests had nothing but positive remarks and all loved the show!!

A BIG Thank You to John and 5 other actors that did such a great job (6 actors including John’s son) – I didn’t get a chance to Thank them all personally at the end of the evening so please please pass this on.   It was crazy traffic last night and I’m glad John and everyone made it on time.

A big thanks you to as well for all your help in coordinating with me and all the information you have provided.

Thanks again!!!

-College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) –

It was a great event! Please thank your team for a job well done

-Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel –


We really enjoyed your show and the actors did a great job! I felt bad that many people mingled amongst themselves rather than pay attention to the show, but they obviously weren’t bored, just enjoying the evening. Thanks again, we’ll keep you in mind for future events!

-Saskatoon Police Service-


They did a great job of mixing in all of the ‘insider info’ and we had a great laugh

-BP Canada –


We had a great time too. It really got the weekend off to a good start. Many thanks.



On behalf of Modern Niagara Toronto Inc. we would like to thank you and the actors that put on a spectacular show for us. We will definitely consider using you guys in the near future.

-Niagara Toronto Inc.-


A fabulous time was had by all! The actors were great, the food excellent and the cruise lovely. I will definitely keep you in mind for any other events I work on.

-College of Physiotherapists of Ontario-


Just wanted to let you know everyone had a wonderful time. I have received tons of accolades today for organizing the evening.The way you personalized it with the info I provided was great !  I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun evening. I have used the basement room at Saltlik in the past for various functions and it’s one of my favorite venues.

– Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada –


The event was fabulous!  Everyone loved it and was so surprised.  It was nothing like anyone expected..it was so much better!  We especially loved the host Brendan!  He was so professional, while being a hoot all at the same time.  The food was amazing, the organization fantastic and the venue better then we could have hoped.  The night went off without a hitch and we will defiantly consider something like this again.
Everyone is just wondering how we are going top it next year it was so good!
Thank you for all your involvement and please again thank your actors/actresses for us!  They did a marvelous job and some of them really kept us guessing if they were restaurant staff or Slixer staff until the very end!

-Peritas Solutions –


Everything went over really well – I was impressed with the show and have passed the word around to my colleagues in regards to using Slixer for future events…….

-Via Rail-


Please pass thanks from everyone here at SSI Solutions on to your Edmonton team. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the script was hilarious, the cast was very entertaining and the food, delicious. All in all it was a fantastic evening.

Thank you again.

-SSI Solutions –


Our guests had a fantastic time!  Everyone said how cool it was and how the actors were good at improv.  Thank again!  I would totally recommend your company or use you again!

-ALS Laboratory Group-

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show and the actors were great!  The venue and food were spectacular and our party was a great success overall. It was nice to see lots of people come together and work with one another as a lot of our employees and contractors have never met before. Thank you and all the staff at Slixer Entertainment for a fun filled night!

-Crescent Point Energy Trust –


Thank you for a wonderful evening – consensus is that it was enjoyed by all!  Plus the food was WONDERFUL!

-I Have A Chance Support Services Ltd-


Saturday was a raging success.  I have had so many people come to me this morning thanking me for a great evening and complimenting me on hosting  a murder-mystery.Thank you to you and your actors for such a wonderful time.  Your actors were very professional and friendly.  The 2 plants did very well fooling the majority of our staff which was hilarious, especially as they revealed themselves. One thing missing that I have experienced before, was sharing with everyone some of the comments submitted with the theories and making fun of them, but I figured maybe there wasn’t anything funny enough worth sharing…lol. Definitely a fantastic night, I am so happy the way it all came together and I really appreciate you and your company working with me on such a last minute thing.I will definitely be referring Slixer in the future.

-L-1 Identity Solutions-


I just wanted to let you know that the performance was a huge success.  Everyone thoroughly themselves – the actors were just great and got everyone to participate and we all had a really good laugh.  The venue also was perfect – the room, the food, the service.  I would definitely recommend your company to anyone, thanks for everything,

From what I’ve heard everyone had a good time.  The two planted actors probably generated the most excitement.  You can only imagine when Managers at a Xmas function hear that new staff have been hired that they didn’t know about.  Their reactions were mixed,  excitement that someone was hired to help “them” or annoyance that someone had been hired that would be doing part of their job and they didn’t know about it in advance…..too funny.  They even starting thinking some of our new staff were actors.

– Concordia Hospital –


Everyone I have seen today is still talking about it and how funny it was.  Overall the event was very popular and will create a bit of laughter as people tell what they were thinking.


Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in planning our Christmas party. Everyone had a great time and the staff, actors and story were terrific.
Please pass along all our apprecition to the cast and crew.

-Oaksmith Interiors-


Just a quick note that I was a  little apprehensive about how our crowd would participate in your murder mystery, ( they’re a little stiff sometimes) but I was very pleased and shocked with how involved some of the guests were. They all had fun!! We had many compliments on the performance and some were saying that they’re not sure how we can top it for next year’s AGM.

Thanks again and please tell the actors they did a wonderful job. I didn’t have the chance to go back stage and tell them personally.

– Potato Growers of Alberta-


It was a great show, your performers were fantastic. The plants actually had quite a few people convinced that they were who they said they were. Lorraine’s “date” was bang on with the type of guy she dates and “Chelsi” as a new employee had people a bit suspicious but she knew enough that everyone assumed she must be a new hire (it helped that we have a Controller that started last week and people thought she was hired as his Admin Assistant). She had her table convinced through most of the evening as well and when she fell ill and fainted they were genuinely concerned.


As I speak with people this morning, everyone is telling me how entertaining it was, most had never done this type of thing before and said it was attention-grabbing and fun seeing it go on during dinner. A job well done by all.

-Suzuki Canada –


just to let you know every one enjoyed themselves and every one had a great time. I have been hearing praise all day today as well as last night. Thank you for all your help in planning out the night and thank you to every one involved who filled our night with laughs. (I think my cheeks still hurt) Thumbs up and smiles all around. An evening well spent

-Westward group-


All the staff here at Cost Plus, including myself, would like to extend a big thank you to all the actors and everyone who had a part in making our company Christmas party a very entertaining and memorable evening.

Coast Plus Painting and Decorating Inc. –


we would like to thank Slixer Entertainment.  We all had a great time on Friday night.  Your performers were very accommodating and approachable.  Our group was in stitches most of the performance.  One table out of the 5 was able to correctly identify the murderer!  My table however was not!  lol

The actors were great and we had a ton of fun with them as they rolled with the punches!  Hy’s private room seemed to work out perfectly as we could not tell who was an actor and who was not!  Job well done.



I’m not sure if I replied to your message, so I just wanted to say thank you to you and your Toronto cast for making our night very special.  I have had a lot of positive feedback regarding the event.  We’ll definitely keep your information on file for possible future events.

Thanks for all your help over the last few months.

-Sherrard Kuzz-

Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the Murder Mystery! We managed to keep it a secret right up until supper time! The insider information supplied was used and added to the evening.

John was in contact with me prior to the event and all the actors certainly played their roles well. In fact, our guests thought one of the actual caterers was one of the culprits! We posed the two young actors as facilitation students and they too fit in well and joined us for supper. I hope the other actors enjoyed their meals provided following the event.

I found Slixer very easy to work with and your company is very organized.

Thanks for an enjoyable experience overall.

-The City of Red Deer –


I would also like to thank you and your team for the evening. Everyone really enjoyed the dinner, we had great laughs

-Arvato Digital Services Canada inc.-


The dinner was amazing, the venue was awesome.  the actors and staff were terrific.  everyone had a blast.  we took lots of pictures to remember the event.

thanks again for all your help

-Pepsi Bottling Group –


Thanks Elsa!  Everyone had a great time.. the entertainment was great.. our staff really seemed to get into the swing of things! The food was good..

-Lando & Company LLP-


We had a great time yesterday!  Our group was small and we as an organization lost money on the event (possibly more advertising required over a longer period of time.) Those in attendance however had a terrific time.  Thank you for sending the receipt so promptly.

– Wolf Creek Golf Resort –


Everything went great – thank you again! As a matter of fact, one of my coworkers nearly did call 911, so the opening sequence was definitely convincing. I have had exclusively positive feedback from my coworkers. From my own perspective, I must say that IT people don’t make good detectives: I don’t think too many of us had any idea even where to begin.   

To answer your questions: the restaurant is very nice, the food was superb, so was the coordination. Again, thank you for all your help – it was a pleasure working with you.

– General Mills –


The show was well received – there was excitement, laughter and a lot of fun! Sean and crew had a unique group to entertain that night. This customer set, as mentioned in the past, is majority Asian decent and quiet so getting participation or interaction with the group would have been challenging but they adapted well. Again, overall I think the performers did a great job and the most important thing is everyone had fun and shared some laughter that night. That was our goal and your performers delivered it! Thank you for being part of our night.

-Tech Data-


Everyone here also had a great time.  There was some great enthusiasm figuring out the mystery.  Food was excellent based on all the comments.  My steak was prefect.

– Faculty of Medicine TEL –

Everybody, everybody, everybody in my department really enjoyed the show.  They said that we should do this more often.  The think the actors were great and HILARIOUS….they were very well organized, pleasant, alive and bubbly.  We will DEFINITELY keep your company in mind for future events.  A BIG THANK YOU …..from Gowlings…. 🙂

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP


The performance was wonderful everyone had a great time

Scotiabank Courtenay BC –


Just a quick note to let you know everything went off without a hitch for our Friday event.  The Murder Mystery was great.  Our group were a little slow to start but they eventually got into it and by the time everyone had been killed, they were busy working out ‘who done it’.  We have had lots of positive feedback.  Everyone really enjoyed the show.  One fellow when he arrived told me that he hated ‘murder mystery’ events but then came back after the show to let me that it wasn’t nearly as corny as he expected it would be.


The whole process went very smoothly.  The whole thing flowed right through with all staff, from the Unviersity Club, your actors and us working together to make the lunch an eventful affair.  The food, by the way, was amazing.  The chef is excellent.

Thank you and your actors for helping us and making it a very successful day.

Ontario Power Generation –


Thank you so much. Everything went perfect and the nurses had a great time. My highest regards to your actors, they were terrific. The venue and food were excellent. Hope to do business with you in the future.

St. Joseph Hospital (Emergency department) –


I also want to Thank You so much.  Sean Tabares and his team were amazing.  I know I had a great time and by looking at everyone’s faces around the banquet hall, it seemed everyone was having a great time also.  Thanks for everything

Calloway Real Estate Investments Trust/Smart Centers –


We really have to thank your actors for their amazing skill, creativity and performance. We were very impressed at how they improvised with our crowd and our circumstance to give everyone an enjoyable experience.  We loved our ‘letters’ that through off our guests making the guests suspects. What also delighted me, was our wonderful host (Brandon) adding some fun and stalling the grand finale to ensure the wedding party were all dressed and in place behind the screens, before ending the show. His announcement to stay seated, and the whole troupe’s consideration of our marriage was touching and endearing. From the moment I arrived to the end of the night – I was SO proud to have chosen Slixer – you guys really are a class act!  Thank you for making our surprise wedding one that no one will ever forget.

Jolynne and Daniel Zanini –


really enjoyed the show, and some of our guests were really into it…they were going around asking other guests questions, I know a few of my friends ended up being suspected…overall it was a very entertaining night. Overall, I found it went very smoothly with little assistance required by me…that allowed me to focus on other aspects of the night and also enjoy myself a little!

-Schizophrenia Society of Alberta –


We enjoyed the Murder Mystery very much.  The actors were great.  I will share our experience with others in our company and keep you in mind for future events.

-MSO North Coast – Region 5


We had a wonderful time! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the group! One popular comment has been that people were pleasantly surprised that the acting was so good and didn’t have that over the top dinner theatre feel to it. Your detective was especially fantastic! Thank you for a lovely evening, we will absolutely look to Slixer again for our next party booking!

– ATCO I Tek –


The party was excellent; all the actors did very well with the limited amount of information that I had supplied you.  Also, everyone (including one of the managers that never read his email) fell for Chelsie being a new employee and Michelle being her friend up until towards the end of the show.  Should we ever decide to have that type of event again we will definitely be in touch.  Great performances from all of them and they put up with our crowd very well.

-PCA Valence Engineering Technologies Ltd.-


Thank you we had a fabulous time.

The show was a wonderful tool in introducing staff (that are out of their own department) into a comfortable social situation. Great interaction. The food was amazing – generous portions & prepared to perfection.

Loved the venue – perfect for the Murder Mystery. Again, thank you.

-Pattison Outdoor Advertising-


I spoke to a lot of staff who attended the murder mystery dinner Saturday night.  They all enjoyed the performance.  I found that the actors did a good job of projecting their voices. Everyone thought that the detective did a great job.  It was great how the actors (waiters) blended in with the food servers from Heritage Valley – hardly anyone realized that the 2 waiters were actually “actors” until the very end of the performance. All in all a very enjoyable performance!



I would like to thank you very much for the great event that Brendan and the troupe put on for us on Nov 20th at the Delta South.  Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal.

-Talisman Energy Inc


We had a super time, and your actors did a great job. I believe everyone was very pleased.  I will definitely keep you name on file and recommend your company for other events.

– Bombardier –


Thanks for a wonderful and truly entertaining performance.  We were all very pleased with how the night unfolded. Thanks for you patience and working with you was truly a delight

– Canada health Infoway –


The actors did a great job and I have received many thank you’s regarding the wonderful evening.  Your actors made it very fun for my team but there was still plenty of opportunity to chat together.  I liked the way they incorporated special facts about the folks into the storyline-made for some good laughs. Thanks again, and we will keep you in mind for future events.

– Purolator Courier –


Thank you for your help.  The event was a hit and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Thanks again.

– Heidrick & Struggles –

The murder mystery dinner was fantastic. Everyone had a great time, especially the clues and tidbits about our co-workers. We loved being able to interact with the actors and participate as much or as little as we needed. Thanks for putting together a great show.

MDA Corporation –


Everyone had a great time. The two “integrated” actors were especially funny and did a great job. Lots of laughs…we’ll definitely do it again!!

– Ravenwood Energy –


Thank you and thank your crew it was an outstanding performance. Great time had by all! Our clients were extremely impressed with your staff and the delivery of the “murders”. “Bob” was a big hit not only with my table, the whole room was chanting for him. Kudos to them, Kudos to you! I hope I am fortunate to work with you and your company again, was a lot of fun having the murder mystery at dinner.  It brought camaraderie to the tables to solve the mystery.  In some cases people (including those who worked for Gerdau Ameristeel) did not know the actors were planted.

– Gerdau AmeriSteel –


It was great!  Everyone had a great time! It sure is a different special thing when everyone in the room knows each other…

– End of the Roll Calgary South  –


The performance was a lot of fun and some tables really got into it.  It also let those that just wanted to talk and not participate do so.  Although at the end everyone was most curious on who had done it.   It was a fun addition to our dinner and just the right amount of time.  I would recommend it to anyone

– Juniper Networks  –


Your team did an excellent job and our group had a great time!

Nestle Ice Cream-


We had a wonderful time. The food and venue were excellent, and the mystery was enhanced as one of our long term clients was Detective Darryl Stephenson, which made the whole thing that much more fun.

Everyone enjoyed it immensely, and I suspect that we will do it again sometime.

Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

-Crestwood Veterinary Centre-


Overall our evening was a success.  The majority of our guests enjoyed the Mystery coming up with their own scenarios as to who did what.  I did have a few believing that Michael Thorpe was my real nephew from Hilton Head, South and Chelsi Darling was Casey Banks’ date.  They were actually a very cute couple.  The Detective was very good and spoke loud enough for all to hear and played his roll extremely well and was very energetic.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best)–We gave the Detective a 9+; Vickie, the Hostess, an 8-9; and the other actors a 5-6 range.

-ITW Internal Audit Service Group-