Taking Care Of Business…With A Twist

September marks the start of getting down to business; a time to get the best from your meetings, events, conferences and fundraisers. This is where Slixer can help; with a variety of unique entertainment and team building offerings, we’ll help maximize your collective ambitions.

This could be a client Murder Mystery entertainment dinner or a new team bonding exercise that could use our Movie Making to strengthen the dynamics of the team or a Scavenger Hunt to spark the bond. We have also added new unique events: Amazing Chase and Magic Shows to further broaden the choices you have to truly make a success from Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Boston, San Francisco, Victoria to Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina.

Chris Hill

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Glenn Fry says:

Great topic! I believe a lot of companies want to put Team Building events and entertainment back in their budgets.
-Thank You,

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