What a Weekend!

Over 300 guests enjoyed our “Cash for the Cure for Cancer” murder mystery fundraiser in Alberta. “Mystery at the Mansion”, which was held at the Brock House on Jericho Beach, was a splendid event in such a classy setting, the pouring rain and stormy night just added to the mystery mood. Then there was the Mystery Dinner Cruise on English Bay in Vancouver which promises to be a diabolical repeat due to the huge demand we have for it. These events all had an Easter twist, which we like to spice up special days with. Whether a Halloween Howler or a company Christmas party, we like to match the mood for the occasion.

Chris Hill

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John Younie says:

Last weekend, I returned to Wainwright and our troupe entertained 300 people who wanted to raise a ton of money for cancer research. The people were delightful, welcoming and well organized. I started by letting them know how strongly I supported their cause. In my immediate family, three have died of cancer and two are cancer survivors so my wish for a successful evening came from the heart.

We killed people off with panache and there was lots of laughter throughout. To show her support, one actor dropped $160 at their silent auction. We managed to squeeze a bird bath and large basket into our already crowded van.

My last gig in Wainwright was 23 days living as an Afghan villager, helping to train soldiers. Wrapping a turban is harder than you’d think.

Thanks, Wainwright, for being such a friendly and welcoming group. It’s been too long since I ate at the Honey Pot Pub and Eatery.

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