Vancouver Scavenger HuntVancouver Teambuilding Event

Vancouver offers a dramatic backdrop for one of our wonderful scavenger hunts or races; Gastown’s old time character, majestic Coast Mountains and lots of public art and spaces. Scavenger Hunts are fun, crafty and creative. Our hunts and races are an enjoyable experience and take place in any Vancouver location although we often Race or Hunt around Gastown, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, Granville Island and Kits Point; we also offer our scavenger hunt or limo hunt in Whistler.

Our host is engaging and dynamic and will meet and greet everyone at the starting point then back at the end where the winners will be determined with much laughter and camaraderie. If you choose an Amazing Race we have even more characters in full costume at challenge stations that add the fun along the way.

Great for corporate entertainment, team building or team bonding, birthday parties, stagettes, stags or just for a fun event with your friends.

On the left is a menu with links for more specific information about each type of hunt or race.

Vancouver foot scavenger huntHere’s a couple of samples of the type of clues and riddles you would find in our Vancouver Limo Hunt:

1 point – Named after crossers of waters and valleys, I’m on the “Island” and a great place to come in for a bite and a drink.

1 point – Now turn to your right and snap a quick shot just so you know where veggies are shopped.

1 point – Come here to imagine, explore and discover, its glittering globe is like no other

.Even with Vancouver’s sometimes wet weather, we can accommodate with our Limousine Scavenger Hunt – safely warm and dry while you are whisked around the coolest spots in Vancouver

Here is a sample of the competitive Limo Hunt Rules:

Here’s the catch! Each team has two envelopes that they can open after the start and in it is instructions that will be used to try and thwart the other team. Use them wisely and strategically. Further, if at any of the clue stops you bump into another team you each must choose a member that will answer a question the limo driver will have, he will then ask it and the first one to answer correctly gets to have their team select a photo from the opposite team and delete it (but keep it on the memory – just mark the number to eliminate from scoring). This can only happen a maximum of three times.

We’ll organize the event within the parameters you provide with a keen understanding of the level of professionalism our clients demand.

Please request a quote for a detailed breakdown based on your needs.