Vancouver Whodunit?!?

Vancouver has an excellent range of talent, venues and cruise ships perfectly suited for one of our Murder Mystery Dinners, Lunches or Cruises. We operate throughout the Lower Mainland and BC.

The Plot Thickens…

You will be surrounded by guests, waiters, bartenders, fellow colleagues and friends that may or may not be up to no good or potential victims in one of the most unique experiences, available anywhere in the British Columbia – an evening of Murder, Mystery & Mayhem.

We have venues in the many neighborhoods including Point Grey, Gastown, Downtown, Yaletown, Burnaby, Surrey and Cruises, just let us know whether you need venue information or you have your own venue.

Our professional murder mystery writers, directors, actors and producers have combined their talents to produce hundreds of live “whodunits” throughout BC since 2000.

Vancouver Murder Mystery dinner theatre is always staged in an environment of fine food, unique environments and plenty of ambiance; each event has a customized script created along with a professional cast rehearsed in the plot.

The actors arrive just like the real guests with no one knowing who they are – incognito. That’s when all the fun begins! At any given moment you could be talking to a murderer, a potential victim or just plain innocents. But that’s all part of the fun as wild scenes sporadically erupt.

guests laughing at dying victimVancouver murder mystery dinners, lunches and cruises are an excellent entertainment option for your corporate or private event such as a birthday. Customized specifically for your company, organization or group, we love to work with unique aspects of your business, charity, governmental or non-profit organization.

With murder mysteries you have the best of both worlds; quality food and comedic entertainment. Set in superb restaurants and cruise ships we have performed in for years or at a venue of your choice. Our mysteries are a sure way to take the drab routine out of company gatherings.

Whether it’s a holiday or Christmas party in Yaletown, year end, office party, conference in Whistler, merger, transition, fundraiser or an award ceremony aboard a dinner cruise, it’s an event that could benefit with some livening up with clever entertainment. We use professional Vancouver actors to entertain you and your guests during the performance, using “inside information” obtained from you to complete the diabolical plot. We take the anxiety out of organizing and do everything for you; organizing the mystery, securing the venue and liaising with all parties involved.

Please request a quote for a detailed breakdown based on your needs.